Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Give Away Saturday, May 7th 2011

We had our second give away of the season on Saturday, May 7th. It was at Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston. We gave away 45 trees and have since found homes for the ones left behind. It was great to see familiar faces come back for more trees, they promised the ones they had already planted were still alive, but also new faces. Teachers from Boylston Elementary School, residents from Boylston, Holden, Worcester, and the rest of the quarantine zone. We planted three trees at Tower Hill. Everything managed to get done just before the thunderstorm rolled in.

Flowering Plum and Cherry
Quiava and others loading the truck for a delivery
Jeff leading a tree planting demonstration

Nick helping someone bring their tree to their truck.

Thanks to Sammi for these great photos!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

98 Square Miles

As of May 9th Auburn has now been added to the towns infested with the ALB. Three trees were discovered by Holy Cross to be infested, but due to regulations 4 miles had to be added. No trees have been found in the town.

Next Quarantine Map

Trees are being planted at a rapid pace! The Youth Forestry this week was able to place 1,000 water gators onto trees throughout the city. This morning they planted 13 trees at Odd Fellows Home in Worcester.

Today Ruth and I did a site visit at Worcester Academy where we will be planting trees on campus and by their athletic fields on Monday, May 23rd. Next Giveaway Saturday, May 21st 10-12 at St. Peter Marion.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tree Planting Like Crazy

Friday, April 29th we held our Arbor Day event in University/Crystal Park. Some of the people in attendance were Congressmen Jim McGovern, Mayor Joe O'Brien, City Manager Michale O'Brien, and Clark University's President David Angel were all on hand. We planted a memorial tree, with the help of Clark Trustees and UPCS students, in honor of Dick and Polly Traina. We also gave away 50 trees that will be planted throughout Main South.

Tuesday May 3rd and Wednesday May 4th Ruth and I spent two full days planting at Boylston Elementary School. The two days started off as I lead an all school assembly in front of the entire school. I talked to the students about trees and the Asian Longhorned Beetle. There was then time for them to ask questions. After each grade came out and helped to plant trees. The highlight was Wednesday morning as I was digging holes for that days plantings I heard a student jump out of his car and say "Look mom thats the tree I planted yesterday!!". All of the student received information to bring home about the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

Saturday May 7th we held a giveaway at Tower Hill. We managed to giveaway over 40 trees with many more being ordered for our next giveaway at St. Peter Marion on May 21st. People continue to want trees!!!

Today we planted 5 trees at the Nativity School of Worcester with the 5th grade. The boys had tons of questions and their favorite part was playing in the mud pushing all of the air pockets out of the soil. We had 20 boys in dress shoes, ties and white shirts planting trees, lets just say their Mother's are going to hate me. One of the students asked "who's tree is this?" I told him it was everyone's tree and he was very excited to help take care of it.

More trees to come: May 21st giveaway, School planting at Worcester Academy May 23rd.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Train the Trainer

Last night at the Mass Audubon we held our Spring train the trainer event. We trained 5 new trainers last night, bring our total number of trained trainers up to 20. We planted an apple tree. Two of the DCR foresters led the training.

Reminder tomorrow is Arbor Day, join Congressmen Jim McGovern at event from 10-2 at Crystal Park. The City of Worcester Forestry will be announcing there 150 street tree planting throughout Main South. We will be having giveaways and a memorial tree planting.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Youth Forestry

The youth forestry has been getting out and about Worcester this week. They planted their first trees, watched trees get cut down and talked with Foresters from the USDA and the DCR.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!

With the snow finally melted, planting season will officially begin Friday April 29th at Crystal Park. City of Worcester Forestery will be on hand to announce the 150 street tree planting which will happen throughout Main South. A memorial tree will be planted to honor Dick and Polly Traina. There will also be tree giveaways throughout the day. The event starts at 10 and will go until 2pm.

Last Wednesday was our "thank you funders" event which was a total success. The event was held at the Greenhill Park Club House, which was beautiful despite the rain. The goals for this spring we laid out.


Other things to be looking forward too is schools week (the last week of April), Boylston Elementary School 2 day planting and CSX planting day at Dodge Park on June 11th. We have more than 20 events scheduled for this upcoming season.