Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Give Away Saturday, May 7th 2011

We had our second give away of the season on Saturday, May 7th. It was at Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston. We gave away 45 trees and have since found homes for the ones left behind. It was great to see familiar faces come back for more trees, they promised the ones they had already planted were still alive, but also new faces. Teachers from Boylston Elementary School, residents from Boylston, Holden, Worcester, and the rest of the quarantine zone. We planted three trees at Tower Hill. Everything managed to get done just before the thunderstorm rolled in.

Flowering Plum and Cherry
Quiava and others loading the truck for a delivery
Jeff leading a tree planting demonstration

Nick helping someone bring their tree to their truck.

Thanks to Sammi for these great photos!!!

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  1. Great photos, looks like a really good day was had by all. I might pop up to Tower Hill to see the results sometime, after finishing at the secondary school uniform Worcester shop!