Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rain Check

Happy Belated Start to Summer!

It's the final days of planting season. We have ONE planting left July 1st at the Main South CDC on Kilby St.

Yesterday was our final rain check event. Rain checks are for people who attended a giveaway event during the spring, but did not receive the species of tree that they were planning to receive. We order a tree for every person who received a rain check. Then it is my job to get in contact with everyone to let them know when the event is going to be held. At the event I make sure everyone gets the tree that they asked for. Rain check events are nice because they are not as crazy as giveaway events and there is time to talk to people about the trees that they are taking home to plant in there yards. We still have a few trees left to get out, but our final count is close to 600 trees for the spring.

Tonight is our Thank You Volunteer Cook Out at Green Hill Park!

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