Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Community Tree"

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I just wanted to share with everyone a story that Peggy Middaugh (project coordinator) told me:

We had a Red Oak tree that needed to be planted outside of a WHCR house at 866 Main St. At about 1:30 on Friday Peggy got her car all packed up with shovels, mulch and went on a quest to find volunteers. She stopped at the Artichoke Food Co-Op (an organic food market) and asked "Does anybody want to help plant a tree?" Doro said he'd help but had to work until 2. Peggy told him where she was going to be and he said he would drop by after work. Peggy drove Bailey (her dog/WTI mascot) to the Main South CDC, where we had been keeping the tree. As she was putting the tree in her truck Justice walked by and asked "do you need help?" When he found out that it was only going one block, he picked it up and walked it over. "I just got through planting 6 trees on Clifton Place" he said. What a huge help he was moving the tree! Then he helped cut the pot open and take the tree out. Unlike the Honelylocus from the other day, it was in beautiful shape! Hardly any encircling roots, and not at all pot bound. Peggy dug the hole, several people walked by and asked about it. One man asked for a cigarette but said he couldn't work, and a woman was so excited about a tree but was late for work so couldn't help. When the hole was finished and the tree out of the pot, Doro came by on his bike. We filled in the hole, watered the tree, asked a resident at 866 for more water (which he cheerfully supplied, filled up several gallon jugs with water), and mulched it heavily. It blew in the breeze. It's beautiful! Thanks to Justice and Doro for making it happen! And all of the other community members for their good will. I think we should plant more "community" trees this way.

"Humanity is the rich effluvium, it is the waste and the manure and the soil, and from it grows the tree of the arts." - Ezra Pound

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