Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24th

It's Monday!

Whenever we work with schools or community groups before we do the event we first must conduct a site visit. This morning we did two site visits one at Belmont Community School and another at Francis McGrath Elementary School, where we will be doing planting events in June. During the site visits we walked around with the principals talking to them about locations where they would want trees to be planted and discuss species that would work well in each location. Our goal is to plant trees at every school in Worcester. We also talk about which classes we will be working with and how many students will be involved. After a site visit it's my job to create the site plan. Using Google Earth I am able to find an image of the school and then using paint I place dots and label where each tree will go.

(This is the Francis McGrath Site Plan)

Wednesday night we are holding a rain check event, where people who were trained at our Greendale YMCA event can come and pick up trees, if we did not have the species that they requested. Much of the day was spent contacting people letting them know when the event was happening (Greenhill Park at the Forestry Dept.) and asking if they would be available to attend. We try to work with people to find a time that is convenient for them to pick up their trees.

We are holding our 3rd giveaway event of the spring on Thursday night at Clark St. School. People are able to preregister for a tree by emailing us ( and letting telling us that they are interested in getting a tree, what species it is that they are looking for and which event they will be able to attend. Information about which trees species are available is listed on our website

Watch a video of me at the Clark Sustainability Fair

"People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world which cannot sustain people"-- Bryce Nelson

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