Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check in Day...

Today Ruth and I went around to all of the schools where we have planted trees and checked in to see how everything is going. Are the trees being watered? Do they need mulch? Stakes?

Doherty- Great Job!
Holden Mayo- Being taken care of.
South High- We watered all of the trees, but there are signs of them having been watered. Need Mulch. Linden has been cut off in the middle.
Clark St.- Watered pears, need to contact school to discuss a watering plan. The dogwoods look good. One tree needs to be staked.
City View--In need of water. Trees along side were never planted.
Woodland Academy- Arborvitaes look slightly brown, but other three look great.
Nelson Place- signs being watered, Tupelo slightly distressed
Rice Square- Four good, the rest are in critical condition, one is dead. Need Stakes.
Goddard Elementary- One bent over needs stake. Slight need of water, but no clear signs of distress
Queen/King- Look Great!
May St.- Dead Cherry, rest look good.
Belmont- One need stake, Need Mulch, slight distress
Worcester State- They staked all the trees, look great!
Bancroft-Need Stakes, look good.
Thorndyke- Look Good
Worcester Volc Tech- Alive, but feel as if they are in the middle of a random place, not being taken care of.
Francis McGrath- The Plum was dead, blown over. Good water. Active Principal.
QCC- Need to work with them about watering, have Gators but empty.
Mass Audubon- Look good.

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  1. Who is supposed to be watering the trees at the schools during the summer? (Asking on behalf of Tracy, who's having difficulty commenting...)