Sunday, July 11, 2010

WTI in the News

Worcester Tree Initiative in the Boston Globe

Worcester Tree Initiative in the Telegram

After six trees were found to be infested, with the Asian Longhorned Beetle, in Boston last week, people wanted to know more about the efforts to battle the beetle going on in Worcester. Mary Knittle, quoted in the article, is our steering committee co-chair and a long time Worcester resident. The Worcester Tree Initiative, along with the Worcester Forestry department and Department of Conservation and Recreation, are working together to replant and replace the 27,000 trees that have already been cut down. Our efforts are not just in response to the Asain Longhorned Beetle infestation, but also the 2008 ice storm damage. Worcester was in need of trees before any of this happened. We are focused on planting a variety of different trees, which will help to possible prevent this type of situation in the future. Once the trees are planted residents need to do there part to water and take care of the trees that are being planted. If planted properly and taken care correctly the trees being planted now will hopefully live for 80 years. We have only just begun to complete the task of replanting.

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