Friday, July 23, 2010

An idea of what is to come...

Fall 2010 Calendar of Events:

Saturday September 11th 9am-3pm: ERA Key Realty Garage Sale Fundraising Event (Tree Planting Demonstrations, Pruning Demonstrations, along with ways to contribute to our efforts)

Tuesday September 14th 5pm-7pm: Rain Date Tree Give Away

Thursday September 16th 5pm-7pm: Tree Give Away

Sunday September 19th 3pm-5pm: Train the Trainers (please register by emailing Ruth at

September 20th-24th: School Planting Week

Saturday September 25th 10am-5pm: Main South Celebrates (Crystal Park)

Saturday October 2nd 10am-12pm: Tree Give Away

Saturday October 16th 10am-12pm: Peace Park Planting

Wednesday October 20th 4pm-6pm: Tree Give Away

Saturday October 23rd 10am-12pm: Quinsigamond Community College Planting with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Ruth's Letter to the Telegram Editor

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