Monday, August 9, 2010

"Lurking in the Trees"

Airing on WGBH 2 in Boston this Sunday August 15th at 1pm!

"Lurking in the Trees" is a 30 minute documentary about what happened to a community infested with an invasive tree killing insect. It is a true story of devastation, cooperation, and renewal. Make sure to watch for the Worcester Tree Initiative Steering Committee Co-Chair Mary Herlihy Knittle.

It started when a sinister-looking bug fell on someones lap in a backyard on a summer afternoon. That chance discovery led to a terrible realization: insect-invaders from Asia were killing trees in New England, and the only way to stop the pests was to cut down and grind up over 25,000 trees. Worcester, MA could be any town in America — not too big, not too small — but it learned that, in today’s world of nearly infinite international trade, an invasive pest can sneak in, become established, and wreak havoc, unless citizens are informed and vigilant.

Trailer for Lurking in the Trees

Lurking in the Trees Website

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