Sunday, August 1, 2010

BUGGED: The Race to Eradicate ALB

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at The Worcester Public Library

3 Salem Square, Saxe RoomWorcester, MA508-799-1655
Two Shows: 2:00PM and 6:00PM
ALB Experts Rhonda Santos and Clint McFarland of the USDA Asian Longhorned Beetle Eradication Program in Worcesterwill discuss their roles in the film and answer your questions!

Bugged is "...frankly one of the most comprehensive and best educational documentaries on ALB that has been made to date....Now, more than ever, the general public needs to remain observant and vigilant in case ALB shows up in your city or neighborhood. This short film will broaden one's view of this most important and unwanted pest!"

-Richard Hoebeke, Taxonomic and Survey Entomologist, Cornell University

About the Documentary:Alien invaders live hidden among us. The Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is one of the world's worst invasive species and could destroy one third of America's trees. Now, for the first time, the ALB infests a city (Worcester) on the edge of a natural forested area. Follow the scientists, USDA officials and private citizens who are the front lines in the Asian longhorned beetle eradication war.
Bugged is the first documentary to present the national story of the ALB infestation in America and to explore the science of eradication.

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